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Social media marketing is one of the most potent strategies in every digital marketing campaign. It can help you build a community and effectively engage with your customers.

At SEO Melbourne, we are able to manage, optimise, nurture, and grow every element of your social media marketing campaign so you can focus solely on managing your business. We are the leading social media marketing agency in Melbourne and all of Australia, offering a broad scale of social media marketing services.

IMPORTANT: Social media marketing is not a “set and forget” approach. It’s also not a strategy that you can run on pure guts and instincts. It is a tedious marketing strategy that involves a lot of management and optimisation implementation. At SEO Melbourne, our strategies are based mainly on tangible metrics. We are able to answer and provide your potential customers with what they need. We do this by delivering the content, interaction, and information they are looking for. Our team of social media strategists in SEO Melbourne are capable of providing high-quality services and results for your brand.

Services Offered

Our Core social media marketing strategy and services are complete with every area that needs to be covered to come up with the most effective campaign that strikes all the social media marketing benefits available. Our services would include the following:

● Comprehensive Social Media Analysis
● Social Media Performance Check & Audit
● Current Trend Topic Ideation
● Demographic Analysis & Strategy Implementation
● Social Media Content Calendar Creation
● Social Media CRO Strategy
● Social Media Tool Configuration & Analysis
● Brand strategy and execution
● Influencer Research & Outreach Strategy

Getting Started

If you are ready to set up a social media marketing campaign for your business, contact SEO Melbourne today. To learn more about our social media management services, give us a quick message by filling out the form below to get a complete list of our services and strategies. Whether you are looking for someone who can make recommendations on your current social media campaign or someone who can manage the whole campaign from beginning to end, SEO Melbourne can help.


Your business should have an active Facebook Page. Facebook is arguably the most popular social media network, and having a presence will instantly make your brand more discoverable. Our social media marketing services mainly center on creating a “hub” for connecting with your audience on Facebook. Establishing a Facebook Ads campaign and regularly posting timely content are two of the services that we offer. These strategies are ideal for getting more exposure for your brand.


Nowadays, you can do a lot with just a single tweet, with a relevant hashtag and a simple picture. Our services include creating a working business twitter account for your brand. Having a business Twitter account with enable you to reach out to specific people who want to find new products and services, discover special promos, and make a transaction with the companies they are currently following.


When it comes to social media marketing, you really need to cover the most popular networks. Instagram falls into that category, ranking second beside Facebook. With Instagram, we are able to express and promote your business visually. The social media platform offers multiple tools for effective customer engagement. You should also be aware that the network is growing and improving extremely fast, which adds to the multitude of reasons for making a presence on Instagram.


Having a business also means having a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is focused mainly on establishing business connections. LinkedIn is an essential network for nurturing your brand and creating relationships with other businesses relevant to yours. Our LinkedIn services include content creation, staying current with the latest trends, and connecting with related business and industry leaders.


Though most people consider Google+ to be the least popular social media platform, you still need to make a presence there. The Reason: Google. The world’s most popular search engine has not given up on Google+ just year, plus you can utilize a lot of SEO value and community presence there. Our Google+ optimisation service includes account setup, GMB setup and so much more.


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