Our SEO Packages - For Australia & Abroad

Our SEO Packages pricing will vary depending on which package you will choose.

(3 months)


Ideal for startups w/ budget for three months.

(6 months)


Ideal for Small Marketing Enterprises w/ budget for six months.

(12 Months)


Ideal for Medium-range companies & above w/ budget for a whole year.

Highlight Features

All of our SEO services & packages will have these features:

Comprehensive Keyword Research

In every SEO campaign, the most significant step will always be selecting the most relevant keywords and phrases you want your campaign to rank for. At SEO Melbourne, we consider multiple factors on deciding which keywords will be the most relevant to your business. Our comprehensive keyword research strategy will primarily take a look at a keyword search volume, competition, and purpose. Once we’ve determined the most valuable keywords, we will then develop an effective SEO strategy. We ensure that whatever keyword we select, we make sure that people will always wind up on your site when they look it up on Google and other search engines.

Link Building Strategies

Search engines consider a lot of factors, but the one that carries the most weight is the total number of high-quality links that are pointing to your website. This is why link building is an important component of any SEO marketing campaign. If you already have a live website and have already conducted link building, our SEO experts will assess the quality of your link. We will also replace bad links with good ones. We will make sure that you are following Google’s link building guidelines, which ensures that you will not be penalized.

More than Just SEO

SEO has continuously evolved throughout the years. The current SEO trend is no longer about link building and ranking. Looking at long-term results, the more important element if your bottom line. SEO has already infiltrated other marketing fields, so with each package you choose, you will be provided with a professional SEO team that will invest their time and effort in understanding the nature of your business, as well monitor and determine how you can improve and generate profits. Once you acquire our services, SEO Melbourne will automatically be your business partner for online success.

Digital Strategy Integration

This program will deliver your plans for your SEO marketing campaign. It will also cover different objectives and activities that our expert SEO specialists will plan on doing.

Constant Care & Nurturing System

SEO is not a “set and forget” campaign. It is a tedious task of continuous monitoring that will cost you a lot of time, effort, and money just to reach your target audience. The SEO algorithm is a constantly-changing set of codes, which means brands need to keep adapting to those changes. Whatever SEO package you choose above, rest assured that you will always receive our constant care & nurturing system. We will not only optimise your website for search engines, but we will also make sure that it is always taken care of. Our expert team of SEO specialists will nurture your brand to bring out the most of its potential. Our care & nurture system would include the following:

  • Create relevant content that your target audience will want to read
  • Carefully track and keep an eye on your campaign’s progress
  • Nurturing your campaign by incorporating the most relevant keywords
  • Constant update for every shift in the SEO algorithm
  • Implement white-hat marketing, ongoing link building, and weekly or monthly reporting.

Our high-quality SEO services will build and nurture your website’s search engine rankings. With SEO Melbourne as your SEO partner, you don’t have to worry about Google sending out updates in its algorithms. We’ll cover everything for you.

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Each of our affordable SEO services and packages provide unique benefits to our clients. Once you acquire our services, we will make sure that you and your brand is taken care of, providing comprehensive services that will result in your brand ranking high in the SERPs.

If you are interested in what SEO Melbourne has to offer, select a package now and let’s get into business. We look forward to hearing from you.