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SEO Melbourne is an SEO Company that focuses on delivering high-quality website optimisation services. One of this is Link building. Link building is one of the most effective search engine optimization strategies in delivering you traffic and conversion. This strategy mainly utilizes links on your website’s content.

We build Links That Even Your Parents Would Be Proud Of

Your links are the biggest and most important indicators for your ranking on search engines like Google. Your rankings will then determine your overall relevance and influence on the internet.

We at SEO Melbourne are experts at search engine optimisation, SEO strategies and techniques -- with link building being one of our fortes. We’ll write your site’s content, manage the outreach, and secure the placement. In turn, you will get excellent links that will also be relevant to your business and your site. We guarantee better value and better branding by providing the best links to your website.

The traditional way to link building is long gone. We are now living in an era where to earn links; brands need to be aggressive with their approach. At SEO Melbourne, our experts will connect your brand with journalists, so when they need sources for their stories, you will become one of their relevant sources!

Our Link Building strategies will guarantee the following:
Editorial, In-Content Links
We provide tangible, relevant, contextual links that are of high quality and value. These links will then be placed within the body if your content. So there will be no irrelevant author bio links.
You’ll Get To Approve Everything
Before things get published, you will have the power to approve or disapprove publishers and content. You will never get disappointed in a link again.
High-Quality Publications
Maximum quality is our focus. No blog networks, link wheels, or other scams. We are a legit digital marketing company, and we only work for real, quality publications.

Step 1: Getting to know your Audience.

To expand the maximum reach of your links, we will cultivate and grow your audience. We will develop a strategy for expanding your audience or finding new ones. In the earliest stages, we will help you determine two things: your target audience & your ideal audience.

Step 2: List Websites that Appeal to your Target Audience

By establishing a clear picture of your current and desired audience, we will then make a list of different websites that will help you in reaching and connecting with your new audience. Also, we will help you locate websites that are already appealing to your target audience. The link found on these sites will then be utilized to help you reach your new audience.

Step 3: Create Exceptional Content

Aside from formulating an effective link building SEO strategy plan for your brand, we will also create amazing content that will be relevant to your target audience. We understand the importance of having great content and making it visible to your target audience. We make sure your content and articles are nicely written and structured well.

Step 4: Match Your Content With Other Websites

We also offer blog post writing as part of our link building strategy. The posts that we’ve made will then be driven to the list of ideal sites outlined in step 2. We’ll also make sure that your content will also contain long-tail keywords. Keep in mind that the list of ideal sites will then be narrowed to only the most relevant ones. However, you can assure that these filtered sites are more than likely to link since your posts fit with their content really well. Visitors coming to your website from that link will also be interested in your article, which improves that chances of conversion and returning visits.

Step 5: Reach Out To Potential Website Owners

Aside from listing the sites that fit the content of your article, we will also contact the websites that you’d link to link to your website. We will work to promote your content and products, along with asking them to write about it and link to it. A lot of times people will be more than willing to write for about your product if it would mean they’ll receive it for free. We’ll also make sure we reach them our in a personal approach; we do not exercise sending automated emails.

Step 6: Utilize Social Media

Last but not the least, we will utilize social media to promote your content and have them link to it. If your content is well structured and 100% original, you will definitely be able to reach new people and get links from them. We will make sure that the content on your site is properly advertised on different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). As people like, comment, tweet, share and mention your articles, the greater your chances of getting more links.

Our link building seo techniques are scalable, consistent, and designed to get your brand some exposure and credibility. We guarantee an increase in qualified web traffic and return on investment. For more info about our link building strategies, contact SEO Melbourne now.

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