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Facebook advertising is the perfect complement to any social media advertising and marketing campaign.

Facebook advertising is the perfect complement to any social media advertising and marketing campaign. With roughly 934 million daily active users, Facebook is the premier platform for getting the most visibility and attention. Facebook offers a comprehensive advertising platform that can help maximize your influence by spreading your message to a wide variety of people.

Two-way Facebook Ads Management Services

With our superb Facebook Ads management services, SEO Melbourne will enable businesses to target Facebook users in two ways:

Traditional PPC (pay-per-click) method.

For this method, you are given the opportunity to bid and have your ad seen on the sidebar in a user’s newsfeed. This means once your target audience goes online on Facebook, your ads will automatically be in sight. Clicking on your ad will automatically redirect people to your own landing pages. Our PPC strategy will allow you to track potential leads and conversions from Facebook, maximizing your overall reach.

Advertise Directly in the News Feeds

This method will allow brands to advertise directly on the newsfeed of their target users, which will urge them to like and visit your brand’s, Facebook Page. Having these ads active will help spread your social media reach, which will result in more people becoming aware of your brand and its current promotions.


Affiliate Marketing Campaigns


Affiliate monitoring


Recruiting new affiliates


Selection of affiliate networks


Affiliate Rewards Program Management


Banner creation

Facebook Ads Management Services Offered  

Advertising using social media Facebook Ads is the ideal strategy if you are looking to maximize your brand’s reach. Our Facebook Ads Management would include the following Services:

●     Keyword Research, Discovery & Selection

●     Ad Text Ideation & Creation

●     Landing Page Design & Optimisation

●     Conversion Tracking Services

●     Call Tracking Services

●     Ad Submission

●     PPC Monitoring & Management

●     PPC Cost Management

●     Campaign Boost & Improvement

●     Facebook Competitive Research

●     Added Service: Landing page Development & Improvement

Benefits of Social Media for Your Business  

●     Increased Brand Awareness

●     Increased Inbound Traffic

●     Boost In Search Engine Rankings

●     Higher Conversion Rates

●     Better Customer Satisfaction

●     Improved Brand Loyalty

●     Cost-Effective Strategies

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The Facebook Ads specialists at SEO Melbourne will send monthly update reports on your Facebook Ads campaign’s performance. The report would include the following: impressions, clicks, and conversion numbers. We also offer Skype call to discuss with any issues or questions that you might have about our report. We will also present the current changes in the direction of your campaign.

Interested In Advertising Using Social Media?

Social media advertising effectiveness is measured by how you effectively set it up. The social media consultants of SEO Melbourne are experienced and knowledgeable with everything associated with social media marketing. If you’re interested in our Facebook Ad Management Services, send us a quick message by filling out the form below. We will give you a list of our available schedules for consultation, along with giving you a free quote.

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Regarding overall cost, the price for every Facebook campaign is based on a percentage of how much you are planning to spend on promoting your brand. We will also need to come up with a custom quote for each FB Ads campaign.

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